Snowboarding – it’s not just for kids!


Ever wondered about snowboarding, but were unsure of leaving the comfort-zone of your skis?  You would not be the first.  The thought of becoming a beginner again is less than inviting and perhaps even intimidating for some…

But admit it: it looks cool and lots of fun, especially in powder.  So what does it take to get there?

There is no question that this is a new set of skills to learn.  A lesson is highly recommended – take a “short-cut to success”.  It will involve some time on your rear and your knees as you practice the basic moves, but unlike skiing, when you probably spent several ski trips progressing from snow-plow turns to parallel turns, the path to snowboarding fun is a short one.

As you master turning and controlling your speed, the learning curve for snowboarding is MUCH shorter than that of skiing. When you begin to link turns things will start clicking and if you make it beyond the third day most people never look back.

That said, we wanted to send you on your way with some tips.  Nothing major – and we definitely recommend taking a few lessons to start – but enough to get you headed in the right direction!

Beginner Snowboarding Tips

1. Wear a helmet! Nobody is “too cool” for a helmet these days, plus it’s really warm on these cold winter days.  Make a safety a priority so that all you need to do is have fun.

2. Bend your knees. Even if you think you’re bending them, bend them more.  The lower your center of gravity, the better off you’ll be.

3. 5530_6749_steamboat_springs_colorado_snowboarding_mdKeep your eyes on the road. What we mean is, look where you WANT to go, not where you don’t want to go.  Your body has a tendency to follow your eyes, so be sure to look in the right direction.  This is particularly important in the trees.

4. Pay attention to your stance. The stance of your board applies to the width between your two bindings and the angle that your bindings are mounted. A good way to figure out the right stance for you is to get into a squat position and notice the width of your two feet and the way they are angled naturally. Your stance on your snowboard should be about the same.

5. Distribute your weight correctly. Generally, when you’re snowboarding you want to be centered over your board with 60 percent of your weight in your back foot and 40 percent in your front foot.

6. Have fun! Be sure to take your sense of humor to your snowboarding lessons. It’s not going to be easy at first, and don’t get hard on yourself.  Leave your “serious face” at home, and just let loose, learn, and enjoy.

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