Living in a Ski Town Perk #292: The Powder Clause!


We all have our reasons to live in a “Ski Town,” but few are as compelling as the opportunity to sample a powder day before heading to work.

So how do you make that happen?  Well unless you are retired or location-neutral (and don’t live your life on Facebook where everyone can see the fun you are having), your next best bet is to seek out an employment agreement that includes a “Powder Clause” - the chance to go ski or snowboard whenever a significant (usually 6″ or more) snowfall occurs.

At Moving Mountains we consider ourselves among the lucky ones because here a “Powder Clause” is not considered to be skipping work to go skiing, but more an endorsement of how great it is to live here and why we do it.

The epic powder day we enjoyed on January 31, 2013 (in a week that saw 3.5 feet in 3 days!) provided the perfect opportunity to go out “product testing” before coming to work.  Not many Steamboat locals will be found answering emails at 8:00am when there’s 2 feet of fresh Champagne Powder® that needs thorough “testing” first.  [After all, we want to be able to accurately describe the product to our curious guests.....right?]

As Moving Mountains’ President, Robin Craigen, puts it:

“Living in a mountain town is a lifestyle decision.  Having a ‘powder clause’ means that you get to validate this decision because you get to take advantage of the very best conditions of the winter ski season…

There’s a reason why our office lights are on late at night when a snowstorm is rolling in - we’re getting caught up so we can start late the next day.  The work doesn’t go away and we expect it still to be done, but it seems that we all work better with tired legs and a silly smile.”

When the snow continued to “dump” all afternoon, and more was forecast overnight, the Powder Clause kicked in and the following email was sent out to all staff:


Our weekly Office meeting is scheduled for tomorrow am as usual.  I will be very disappointed if any of you show up for it.

Please arrange powder clause coverage as needed for your department - phones still need to be covered, but it is perfectly acceptable for someone to take a message for you while you are “product testing”.

If possible I would like to aim to reschedule to 1:00pm tomorrow.

Best regards,

And what did 3.5 feet in 3 days really looks like?  See for yourself:


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