Our Cookbook "Simple Pleasures"

In response to over-whelming demand from our guests we began work on a cookbook that first rolled off the press in May of 1998. The response over the last 10 years has exceeded all expectations and we're sure you will enjoy this unique and very practical cookbook.

To explain the concept here's the introduction:

It all started aboard a yacht in paradise...

The book began its life as a collection of recipes on Endless Summer II, a charter yacht in the British Virgin Islands. However, it is not a "Boat Cookbook" (crammed full of ideas on how to produce a gourmet meal while heeled at 45°....) . 

...we figured out that people like to eat well but healthy.

As chef aboard ESII, I aimed to produce meals with a healthy balance between healthy eating, and Good eating (- not always the same thing!). Our clientele were aboard for the vacation of a lifetime and good food and fine wine was a major component of the top-class fully inclusive package. Caribbean Pumpkin Soup Catch of the day. 

....but the chef wanted to snorkel and enjoy the islands too..

Cooking every day is a reality for a lot of people and not all chefs, including myself, like to spend all day slaving over a hot stove to produce the epicurean feast of the century. If a recipe took too long or was too involved it's not in this book. With planning and preparation you should be able to get in at 6:00pm and have a dinner party for eight or more, ready by 7:30pm. 

...then one day someone said "Why don't you write a cook book?" 

The recipes in this first edition represent the highlights, so far. The sections are set up for you to add your own favorites, and if we ever get round to a second edition, the format will allow them to drop right in! 

The book is produced in a high quality binder with durable glossy pages. 118 recipes for all occasions are covered in the 10 sections plus useful appendices packed full of tips and ideas, menu plans and a wine guide. The book is brought to life by Kate West's illustrations which capture the spirit of Heather's culinary delights. 

If you would like to order a copy please complete the online order form and we will contact you for your credit card details.

Alternatively, print out the form, include your credit card information, and fax it to us at 1-877-842-1299 or mail it to the address below.

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