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Action Plan

Our steps towards being green include:

  • reduce, reuse, recycleSingle stream recycling at all of our rental properties for glass, cans, plastic containers, cardboard, paper and most paper packaging. We recycle about 50% of our current waste.
  • Lightbulb replacement program - all conventional bulbs are being replaced with compact fluorescent bulbs which last longer and use less energy.
  • Canvas shopping bags are now provided to all staff removing the need to use plastic bags.
  • Hot water tanks and pipes are now fully insulated.
  • Employees are trained extensively in sustainability practices including in the kitchen and in the chalets.
  • Employees volunteer for community causes like Yampatika.
  • Appliances: Energy Star rated appliances are utilized in most cases. Boot dryers are on a time switch so that they automatically turn off.
  • HVAC: Temperature in rooms are controlled by zones with programmable thermostats to reduce temperature when not in use.
  • The hot tub is set on economy when not in use and is covered, both which save energy and evaporation.
  • Regular property checks include closing open windows, turning off appliances not in use, checking for water leaks, Guests are offered refillable waterbottles to cut down on plastic water bottle wastageadvising guests to keep garage doors closed.
  • Print marketing materials and office paper products are all recycled.
  • Dispensers for Shampoo and other similar products are refilled.
  • Garbage is kept inside so as not to attract wildlife.
  • Since water use is high in high end vacation rental units, we now use our Bobo the Bear story to encourage guests to save water and energy, and recycle waste.
  • Leak monitoring and landscape irrigation are monitored by the staff.
  • Green Purchasing policies are now in place seeking out green cleaning products and other household supplies. So far this includes: kitchen towels, cleaning supplies, toilet paper and paper towels.
  • Moving Mountains picks up guests at the airport and shuttles them to wherever they wish to go using Suburbans, which reduces the need for individual cars for visitors, and subsequently carbon emissions. We are investigating biofuel or other clean renewable fuel options although there are limited options in our region at this time.
  • In our commercial kitchen food is cooled down prior to refrigerating; equipment is cleaned and serviced regularly; air drying is used whenever possible; condiments are purchased in bulk when possible; reusable storage tubs are used for food; produce is purchased locally whenever possible; Styrofoam containers are avoided.
  • Recycle: Recycled materials include cardboard, plastic, bottles, other packaging, almost everything except food scrap waste.
  • Carbon Offsets: For guests interested in the concept of a carbon-neutral vacation we encourage use of a carbon offset program.  This enables you to quantify carbon offsets for your trip to Steamboat and contribute towards removing carbon output.

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