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porcupine Steamboat Springs is borders the Routt National Forest and is close to the Mt. Zirkel, Service Creek and Flat Tops Wilderness Areas that shelters a healthy amount of wildlife that includes black bears, foxes, racoons, porcupines, coyotes, deer, elk, moose and mountain lions.

We live in a mountain community adjacent to the natural habitat of these animals which means that we make sure not to leave any trash, food leftovers or even empty soda cans outside and we do not feed any of these animals.

Don't be afraid to explore the area around the chalets and enjoy the many beautiful trails hiking, mountain biking or skiing. If you are lucky you may get to meet some of these "locals", but please follow some simple rules to make these encounters safe for both sides:

It is a good idea to go out as a group or take your dog with you. If you go on your own or with your dog let somebody know where you are going Moose on the looseand take a cell phone with you.

Stick to the trails and make a bit noise or keep talking as you proceed. Most animals will move away as you approach.  If you are confronted we advise you to keep calm and back slowly facing the animal avoiding eye contact.

If you encounter an injured animal such as a black bear, mountain lion or moose please inform the Police department. Injured animals are often more agressive and tend to enter neighborhoods looking for food in our trash when they are having problems finding their natural food supply.  Having said all of this sighting of bears and mountain lions are rare in winter.

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until Opening Day and you could be skiing Champagne Powder in Steamboat again!

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